About Glen Reid

I was born to a family of modest means with an abundance of love for God, family, country and friends pretty much in that order.

Most of my earliest memories are centered on the virtues and instructions on how to revere and respect God, family country and friends.

Mom was a very gifted cook who could make simple things into a king’s feast. I suppose that is why a good portion of my life was spent overcoming surplus weight. An equally devoted wife and mother I had not observed until my life’s prayer was granted andI married my wife.

My parents raised us with the spare the rod, spoil the child theory. Often when the five of us got out of line (Mom passed away two weeks after giving birth to Barbara her sixth child) we were lined up and spanked in order.

Dad was much less of a disciplinarian than mom however it was a bad mistake to get him to the punishment mode.

Dad was all about teaching us to read and follow the teachings of the Bible. Our family seldom missed a church service.

Dad’s favorite family time was after supper. He gathered each of us together and passed out Bibles, after which he led the family in prayer. Then his favorite moment of the day had arrived. His favorite hymns were, “We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes” and lastly ” I’ll Fly Away”  being our family alter hymn which was sung in melodious acappella tones by what we felt was an angelic choir. (Us)

The above teachings have been the main thrust of my life.

My professional life and passion has been Corporate Real Estate, centered in the real estate disciplines of Property Management, Appraisal, and Acquisition/ Relocation.

My goal is a simple yet challenging task. I want to live a life that God deems worthy of eternal life.

In the process of achieving that personal goal, I hope to influence through act and deed and intercessory prayer my loved ones, friends, country-men and all others God puts in my life.

These are my questions for people who do not share my goal.

How long do you expect to live? (Maybe 60 to 100 years). Alternatively living for Christ is a promise for nirvana or eternal life.

Are you a gambler? Yes… Well then would you rather win $1.00 or a $1,000,000.00 plus. Your choice and yours only!

Are you a gambler? No… Then why are you risking eternity for a measly possibility of a few years?


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