The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.

 The format of this study entitled OMEGA is going to be a study of Revelations beginning with the last verse of chapter 22 and continuing verse by verse till we reach Revelations verse 1 chapter1

 The Key word for our first lesson is grace.

Use the link below for all Bible references:

 Grace is defined in The Student Bible dictionary as: favor grace, approval, kindness, good will. (Esther 2:15)─… and Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her; Luke 1:30─…Mary, you have found favor with God; Luke 2:52 And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.) (Gen. 6:8 & NIV footnote)… found favor righteous Right or just, right with God. (Mal 3:18) a person is made right only through God in Christ (2 Cor. 5:21)   …blameless-walking with God…Noah found favor with God in contrast to the wickedness of his contemporaries.

 Grace Is─God’s free undeserved love that never ends (Eph. 2:8)…For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith ─and this not from yourselves it is the gift of God─. Grace is the gift of God that comes as eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Rom. 6:23) ─For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is Eternal Life.  

 Fleshing out the above verses should yield a good understanding of God’s Grace, favor, approval, kindness and good will.



 What was in Esther’s character that caused her to win the favor or grace everyone who saw her?

 She was lovely in form and features; she was obedient…she kept her nationality a secret as instructed by her cousin Mordecai…she honored and took the suggestion of Hegai the king’s eunuch in charge of the harem and asked only for what he had advised her to ask for… She obeyed Mordecai even though, going before the king without a summons might end in her death…

She was aware of the need for God’s protection as she would be in violation of the law for approaching the king without a summons from him.   Esther asked Mordecai to gather all the Jews in Susa asking them to fast for three days as she herself would do before approaching the King without being summoned.

 Esther was wise… she waited for the King to recognize her and lower his gold scepter towards her before approaching Him. Esther was a master planner… she invited the King and Haman, (the second in command to the king, and orchestrater of the plan to annihilate her and all other Jews), to a private banquet she would prepare for them alone.

 In addition to his plot to destroy the Jews, Esther was aware that Haman had a gallows prepared to hang her cousin Mordecai who had recently been honored for his valor in saving the Kings life.  Esther kept silent until she, the King and Haman were alone at her banquet. She then exposed Haman as an enemy to her as a Jew, and to the nation of the Jews, and to her Cousin Mordecai.

 The King had Haman and his sons hanged on his own gallows and gave Mordecai permission to put to death those who intended to exterminate the Jews.

 What characteristics or appeal did Mary have that stood out to God, so that he graciously chose her to birth the Messiah?

Examining her responses to the News from the angel Gabriel and  

Mary’s song in Luke 1: 46-55 will serve to answer this question.

 Mary accepted  and believed in God’s ability to bring about a virgin birth, her inquisitive nature desired to know just how he would bring it about… therefore she asked…how shall this be since I am a virgin? Because Mary believed in God’s miracle working power she did not ask for a sign, as Zacharias did.

In obedience and out of faith Mary submitted and said I am the Lord’s servant let it be as you say.

In verse 46 Mary ascribes glory, greatness, worship, praise and admiration to God the Father, God the Son and her son, she poured out her heart and soul as she was guided by the Holy Spirit to do.

Mary’s spirit accepted God as her savior and the son within as the Messiah to become the savior of her and the entire human race therefore her Soul was exceedingly joyful.

Mary acknowledges her worldly poverty. Her lack of nobility and wealth had not swayed God’s choice of her, as the Davidic ancestor, to fulfill His covenant promise to David of an everlasting kingdom and Eternal King.     

    Mary very prophetically announces that “all generations” not just Jews but Gentiles as well will see her as the blessed mother of the Messiah who yet God and Holy Spirit had chosen to become man as flesh and her son.  

And this miracle of incarnation gave she and the world a son who would be called Jesus, a Savior, Immanuel, God with us, mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

Since the occurrence of this unheard of virgin birth came from the over shadowing influence of the Holy Spirit, whereby Christ was preserved from sins infectious presence His name is Holy as Mary perceived.

Mary announces the mercy of the Messiah for those in every generation, till the end of the age, who show obeisance, reverence, affection and Godly love towards Him and have been begotten or born again, and whose sins have been swept under His shed sacrificial blood.

Mary prophetically foresees and reports the almighty power of the Messiah in working out salvation for his predestined people. Done in his strength alone cursed and forsaken by God and mankind he must with his strong arm overcome sin death and the devil as the one mighty to save and in the strength of his divinity.

Those not predestined for salvation shall be scattered and sown as seeds of eternal damnation in the pitiable presence of Satan in the eternal blaze of hell and torment.

Mary continues her spiritual prophetic prayer by describing Messiahs ousting of the mighty from seats of power. She reports prayerfully, that Rulers, King, emperors, monarchies, powerful and wealthy, rebellious Satan and Demons will lose their power to rule.  

She continues by describing who will be lifted up or exalted as the humble.  Messiah the Everlasting King of the line and decent of David will rule and reign with the righteous saints.

 During their life and after Christ takes his throne believers are filled with spiritual gifts that outweigh the pain and penalty of sin. The Spirit of God breathes forgiveness of sins through Christ’s blood, and quiches our thirst for righteousness, and gives us a longing for communion, greater knowledge, conformity to spiritual living, and a desire for fellowship and all spiritual food.

Those rich in their own eyes not earthly wealth but wealthy in their own opinion, their own works, trust in their own righteousness yet void of repentance and acceptance of Christ, full of despite and envy of others, without token of love or favor from God, poor in spirit, workers of iniquity─ these will be sent empty away into eternal damnation.

God’s servant Israel in verse 54 Refers to all the elect of God not just Israel only; for all were not Israel, who were of Israel; and not them only, but also the chosen among the Gentiles; who with the former, make up the whole Israel of God.

God’s Mercy brings about our redemption, provided a redeemer who paid our ransom by shedding His divinity and blood, dying, becoming victor over sin death and devil, and supplying us with access to God the Father.

Mary’s closing prophetic message informs the reader that God has actively and audibly spoken to his mortal creation through all history and His chosen seed Israel─ Jew and Gentile alike.  


The grace of God continues in our next lesson.








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