Flesh and Spirit – Passage #2 lesson 3

Flesh and Spirit – Passage #2 lesson 3 



Ezekiel 11:19
I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.
Ezekiel 11:18-20 (in Context) Ezekiel 11 (Whole Chapter)

 Now that the identity for “I” and “Them” has been provided the emphasis or key words for consideration for this lesson will be undivided heart.

 Just what is an undivided heart anyway and who is getting it. “They” (see lesson 2), the Israelite nation, are the recipients of the undivided heart in the text.  {Recall or refer to lesson 2, to be assured that God includes non-Jews or gentiles in this undivided heart hand out.} The undivided heart for the entire nation, (every citizen), is to be received from “I” (see lesson 1), or God.

 In this passage God is referring to oneness of heart for all Israel. The entire nation every single citizen will inherently serve God and only God. No idols will compel them to sin against The One and Only True God.  

 This is a prophetic promise yet to be fulfilled. The fulfillment will be accomplished during the Millennial Reign of Christ.


The heart is the absolute nerve center of life both spiritual and physical. If there is a heart problem spiritually or physically without restoration or repair or replacement the result is Death.


 Medical advancement over my 63 years has made having a heart attack or a bad heart less of a threat to life. So many advances have been made that many people have lived extended periods after treatments, repairs or replacements. That is due to the amazing physical prevention of death by our modern medical professionals.

 If there is something wrong with the spiritual portion of the heart medicine has no cure for it. Spiritual heart problems have to be treated, repaired or replaced by “spiritual experts”.

 These “spiritual experts” are available 24/7 and no appointment is necessary. There are only 3 of them and yet they can and would love to change every heart, of every human, in the same billionth of a nanosecond.

 The secret to their success is that they take up residency in the heart of the owner, by invitation. From the moment they move in physical and spiritual life is brand new.  

With proper attention and care by the heart’s owner “the experts” pledge not to leave. They guarantee eternal spiritual heart health.

 They even have a plan for when the physical heart stops beating, which they unfortunately had to abandon when our ancestors Adam and Eve revoked their residency by ignoring and breaking their Law,

 The irrevocable promise made for breaking the law was loss of a physically and spiritually healthy heart. Repairs would be needed not only by Adam and Eve but by every human from birth to death.  

 From that point on, a new resident moved in and took over the spiritual portion of the heart of Adam and Eve. This infectious, inherent resident occupies every heart of every human at birth, doing non-repairable damage to the physical portion of the heart for the lifetime of the owner. He can only be removed when the owner of the heart gives the “three spiritual experts” permission to move in and serve him with an eviction notice. They must be invited and given permission to do the necessary eviction, repair and replacement work.

 Even then because the irrevocable promise made to Adam and Eve only the Spiritual portion of the heart can be healed eternally.

The irrevocable promise which the “three experts” made to Adam and Eve was Physical death for disobedience of the only law, just one, they needed to obey.

 Without an invitation from the owner for repair and replacement of the spiritual portion of the heart; the pre- rapture owner of an unrepaired heart will experience physical death in his lifetime.

 Worse than that failure to contact the “three experts” for eviction of the birth resident. And failure to permit them to complete repair or replacement work to the spiritual portion of the heart has caused them to suffer loss of spiritual health their entire life and now they will have all of eternity to regret it!             

 About the Plan of the “spiritual experts” for owners of hearts that have been spiritually replaced and repaired.

There is, because of the birth resident’s non-repairable damage to the physical portion of the heart; and because of the expert’s irrevocable promise of physical death for law-breaking a penalty of physical death for all pre-rapture mortals.

 Because the invitation to evict the birth resident and a request for repair or replacement work to the Spiritual portion of the heart was issued resulting in eternal residency of the Experts.      

   The guarantee of Eternal Life with the Eternal Father, Son And Holy Spirit is due and payable to           






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