Flesh and Spirit – Introduction to Passage #2

Flesh and Spirit – Introduction to Passage #2



Ezekiel 11:19
I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.
Ezekiel 11:18-20 (in Context) Ezekiel 11 (Whole Chapter)



To flesh out this passage of scripture some background and explanation of the characters and circumstances is a must.

The sovereign God of Israel appeared to his prophet Ezekiel who had been exiled to Babylon along with 10,000 other Jews. These were survivors of the brutal Babylonians. Who mercilessly slaughtered men women children and animals and ruined the soil with salt.

Ezekiel was from a family of priests and served God as both a priest and prophet to the exiled Northern kingdom of Israel. Ezekiel was keenly aware of the traditions of his nation and of the worldly affairs of the surrounding nations and their histories and current affairs.

God had gifted Ezekiel so that he was culturally aware of matters inclusive of  his knowledge of shipbuilding to literature. Ezekiel could grasp and act out matters using grand and compelling imagery. God used his intellect and gifts to involve him personally in the acting out of prophetic symbolism.

God spoke and revealed by dream vision and spiritual means of transformation all warnings and impending judgments that he wanted Ezekiel to relate to the Northern Kingdom of Israel who had prostituted themselves to the numerous Gods of surrounding nations. God’s treatment of his rebellious people was harsh, heart-rending and devoid of hope. God was delivering deserved judgment without mercy. The only comfort given was their opportunity to be at peace with God and themselves in Exile.

Below is an outline of the book of Ezekiel from chapter 1 through chapter 11 and a link that will allow  anyone wanting to read or scan the content of this material to do so.  

In the first lesson to follow this post, verse 19 of chapter 11 will be fleshed out.

A reading of Chapter 11 would certainly be a good idea.


    Oracles of Judgment against Israel (chs. 1-24)

  1. A.    Ezekiel’s Inaugural Vision (chs. 1-3)
    1. 1.    Overwhelming display of the glory of the Lord (ch. 1)
    2. 2.    Ezekiel’s call to be a prophet (2:1 — 3:15)
    3. 3.    Ezekiel’s task as watchman (3:16-21)
    4. 4.    Restraints on Ezekiel’s prophetic ministry (3:22-27)
  2. B.    Symbolic Acts Portraying the Siege of Jerusalem (chs. 4-5)
    1. 1.    Ezekiel’s symbolic siege of Jerusalem (ch. 4)
    2. 2.    God’s razor of judgment at work (ch. 5)
  3. C.    Oracles of Divine Judgment (chs. 6-7)
    1. 1.    Doom for the mountains of Israel (ch. 6)
    2. 2.    The end has come on the land (ch. 7)
  4. D.    Corruption of the Temple and Its Consequences (chs. 8-11)
    1. 1.    Idolatry in the temple (ch. 8)
    2. 2.    Judgment on the idolaters (ch. 9)
    3. 3.    God’s glory departs from the temple (ch. 10)
    4. 4.    God’s sure judgment on Jerusalem (11:1-14)
    5. 5.    Those in exile to be restored (11:15-21)
    6. 6.    Conclusion of the vision (11:22-25)



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