God Is Spirit Passage #3- Lesson 4 God Rejects Saul as King

Hold Fast To Him Serve Him and Hold Fast to Him!

God Is Spirit Passage #3 (Lesson 4) God Rejects Saul as King

Lessons 1-3 regarding God’s Spirit can be summarized as follows:

God is said to have changed Saul’s heart in verse nine of the tenth chapter of 1St Samuel.

“God’s spirit Came upon Saul in power…and he burned with anger” in verse ten.

A righteous anger at the news that a treaty with Nahash would require the men of Jabesh Gilead the sacrifice of their right eye.  God gives Saul victory over Nahash.

 As time passes we see Saul begin his spiral to rejection as he chooses to take decisions of leadership of Israel upon himself rather than waiting on advice from Samuel and God.

 Saul takes the authority God had reserved for Samuel upon himself. He acts as prophet and priest and makes his own sacrifice to God instead of respecting God’s command. 

 Samuel advises Saul his disrespect for God has cost him an enduring kingship for his family.  Samuel advises Saul that God has already sought out a man after his own heart to replace him.

 We then begin to see the result of sin and pride take root in Saul. An evil spirit from God haunts Saul from this time until his suicidal death.

 Evil Spirits from God will conclude our lessons on our third Passage:   

 1 Samuel 16:15
Saul’s attendants said to him, “See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you.

Referencing a few passages of scripture will indicate that God has command and control over evil spirits.Their liberties as to the extent of evil they are allowed to inflict are divinely determined by God.

 Judges 9:22-2422 After Abimelech had governed Israel three years, 23 God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the citizens of Shechem, who acted treacherously against Abimelech. 24 God did this in order that the crime against Jerub-Baal’s seventy sons, the shedding of their blood, might be avenged on their brother Abimelech and on the citizens of Shechem, who had helped him murder his brothers.

 Footnote to 9:23 evil spirit: Perhaps a spirit of distrust and bitterness.The Hebrew for ”spirit”is often used to describe an attitude or  disposition.

1ST Kings 22:19-2319 Micaiah continued, “Therefore hear the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on his throne with all the host of heaven standing around him on his right and on his left. 20 And the LORD said, ‘Who will entice Ahab into attacking

21 Finally, a spirit came forward, stood before the LORD and said, ‘I will entice him.22 “‘By what means?’ the LORD asked. “‘I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouths of all his prophets,’ he said. “‘You will succeed in enticing him,’ said the LORD. ‘Go and do it.’ 23 “So now the LORD has put a lying spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours. The LORD has decreed disaster for you.”

Summary of footnote:The lord has put a lying spirit in the mouths of all these prophets perhaps Satan or one of his agents or a spirit of God who takes the task of a lying spirit…

Job 1:6-12 6 One day the angels[a] came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan[b] also came with them. 7 The LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the LORD, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.” 8 Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.” 9 “Does Job fear God for nothing?” Satan replied. 10 “Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land. 11 But stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face.” 12 The LORD said to Satan, “Very well, then, everything he has is in your hands, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.”

Summary of footnote: satan and angels all members of the heavenly council.

Satan-“The accuser” God allows Satan to tempt job (his servant), one who stands in a special relationship with God and is loyal in service.

Hedge-Protection. Satan is restrained as to his limit to test God’s servant.

Are you not awe-struck at the mighty power of God? I am!

What if God was not restraining Satan and putting limits on him and his powerful minions.

Which of the Spirits from God are you entertaining?

We will explore many more Spiritual aspects of God and his promise of eternity with or without him. Seek Him Now!  




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