God Is Spirit Passage #3-Lesson 3-God Rejects Saul as King

"I will Never Leave You or Forsake You!"

God Is Spirit Passage #3 (Lesson 3) God Rejects Saul as King

Again today we continue to fill in the details of the kingship and rejection of Saul as Israel’s first King.

Saul was thirty years old when he became king of Israel. His reign lasted for Forty-two years.

Saul became proud and disobedient towards God and his Prophet/Priest Samuel.

When Saul gathered his army for battle against the Philistines he grew tired of waiting for Samuel to arrive to make the Burnt and Fellowship offerings.

He ordered his army to bring the sacrifices to him. Assuming the office and authority of priest he made the sacrifices himself.

Samuel arrived as soon as he had finished making the last offering.

Samuel tells him his foolishness cost he and his family the Kingship. Samuel tells Saul God has already sought and appointed his successor. A leader who is indeed, a man after God’s own heart.

God’s choice for Saul’s successor is David a son of Jesse.

Jonathan, son of Saul, and David (Jonathan’s armor bearer) become great friends and fellow combatants in Saul’s army.

The Israelites and Jonathan were engaged in a battle with The Philistines. Unknown to Jonathan King Saul had taken an oath that any man who ate before evening would be cursed.

Jonathan came across some honey and dipped the end of his spear into it and taisted it. One of the men with him told him of his father’s oath.

Mean while Saul asked God if he would be victorious over the Philistines.

When God did not answer Saul summoned the leaders of the army to meet and to find what sin had caused the Lord to refuse to answer him. Saul said “Even if it is Jonathan who sinned, he will be put to death.  

The lots were cast and Jonathan was found guilty. Saul would have put Jonathan to death.  The army refused to allow Jonathan, the reason for their victory over the Philistines, to be put to death.

Later Samuel delivered a message from God to Saul. God had decided to punish the Amalekites  who, waylaid Israel on their way up out of Egypt. Samuel told Saul God ordered the total destruction of all men, women, children and livestock.

Saul once more defied God and Samuel’s instructions. Saul spared Agag king of the Amalekites and the best of the sheep, cattle, fat calves and lambs. Saul even set up a monument to his own honor at Gilgal.

God tells Samuel he is grieved that he made Saul King.

Samuel met Saul near Gilgal, Saul reports to Samuel that he has carried out the instructions of God.    

Samuel asks, “What is that sound of cattle and sheep I hear?”

Saul replies that the livestock was spared to be sacrificed to God.

Samuel informs Saul that the mission called for total destruction of all men, women, children and livestock.

Samuel tells Saul his refusal to obey God’s instructions caused God to reject him as King.

Because of Saul’s insistence Samuel returns with him to Gilgal. Samuel puts Agag to death there.

Never again before his death did Samuel see Saul.


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