God Is Spirit Passage #3 (Lesson 2) Israel Rejects God as their King

God Is Spirit Passage #3 (Lesson 2) Israel Rejects God as Their King

1 Samuel 16:15
Saul’s attendants said to him, “See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you.

In our first passage of scripture the pagan ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh acknowledged that God’s Spirit was residing within Joseph.

In Our second Passage concerning God as Spirit we observed that God’s spirit made its manifestations in some odd and curious ways.

Our third Passage of scripture concerning God as spirit is equally as curious as we find God allowing an Evil Spirit to torment King Saul.

We are going to digress a bit for this second lesson on Saul’s kingship.

Nahash an Ammonite, descended from Abraham’s Nephew Lot, took advantage of the weakened people of Jabesh Gilead. They were engaged with a threat from the Philistines on their western border which made them vulnerable to an attack by Nahash from the West.      

The men of Jabesh Gilead proposed a treaty to Nahash. He responded harshly proposing the gouging out of the right eye of each man thus disgracing all Israel.

Not only would this disgrace them but would render them militarily inferior as they would be deprived of their bows as a weapon.

The men of Jabesh Gilead asked for seven days to seek help from Israel. If they were not given aid they said they would surrender and accept their fate.

When Saul heard the terms of the treaty the Spirit of God came upon him in power and he burned with anger.

Saul took a pair of Oxen and cut them in pieces. Saul sent the butchered oxen throughout Israel. Saul commanded that anyone who did not join him and Samuel in battle against Nahash would have their oxen cut to pieces. The result was the defeat of the Army of Nahash.

   Samuel took this opportunity to reconfirm Saul’s kingship, through the elated and victorious Israelites .

Samuel made his peace with all Israel and confronted them with his approaching retirement.

Samuel related the many righteous acts performed by God on the behalf of Israel. Samuel reminded them of their release from Egyptian servitude and their desert wanderings, under God’s leadership. Samuel then, reminded Israel they had rejected God as their King and requested a mortal as their king.

Samuel advised Israel to serve, obey and fear to rebel against God’s commands. Failure to do these things would result in God’s wrath.


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