God Is Spirit Passage #3 (Lesson 1)


"I will never leave or foresake you!"

God Is Spirit

Passage #3  (Lesson 1) Samuel 16:13

Passage #3 1 Samuel 16:15
Saul’s attendants said to him, “See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you.
1 Samuel 16:14-16 (in Context) 1 Samuel 16 (Whole Chapter)

 In our first passage of scripture the pagan ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh acknowledged that God’s Spirit was residing within Joseph by exclaiming:  “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” Genesis 41:38

In Our second Passage concerning God as Spirit we observed that God’s spirit made its manifestations in some odd and curious ways.

When Balaam looked out and saw Israel encamped tribe by tribe, the Spirit of God came on him Numbers 24:2

 A donkey sees an angel and to avoid him veers into a field, crushes his owner and finally lays down on Balaam after repeated beatings; the donkey talks to Balaam and   pleads his case.

Balaam’s eyes are opened by God so he too sees the angel. It was Balaam’s mission to curse Israel. His repeated attempts are foiled when God’s Spirit causes him to utter words of blessing instead of curses.

Our third Passage of scripture concerning God as spirit is equally as curious as we find God allowing an Evil Spirit to torment King Saul. To understand and appreciate this lesson better, I recommend a reading of Numbers from chapter 9-16.

Despite a good beginning as Israel’s first King, Saul continually exercises poor judgment and disobeys knowingly direct commands from God.

God is said to have changed Saul’s heart in verse nine of the tenth chapter of 1st Samuel. “God’s spirit came upon Saul in Power” in verse ten.

What a tragic fall we see Saul take from a King in whom God’s spirit dwells to a tormented king God punishes with evil spirits.  

Samuel God’s prophet summoned all Israel who had rejected God As their King to Mizpah and explained the regulations of kingship to them. He wrote the regulations on a scroll and deposited it before the Lord.


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  1. Good stuff on God Is Spirit Passage #3 (Lesson 1) | Gods Words Immortal. I possibly agree with most of it!

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