Bonus #1

My New Testament reading for today was from my favorite chapter, John.

We must do God's work while it is still day the night is coming...

Jesus Son of God And Light of the world

I always enjoy pretending to be a jew to whom Jesus is talking. It always seems to me that this book was/is a direct plea to the jewish nation God loves. 

I see the chapter of John as a personal real life revelation of Christ the Messiah to Israel the nation God chose to dwell with.

 I also see the book of John as an invitation and revelation of The Messiah to all blind and sinful people, regardless of their nationalities, who also need healing of their spiritual blindness.

The most perplexing mystery of all is how a nation God had chosen and appeared to visually; in cloud by day and pillar of fire by night; whom God had taught and then, used prophet, priest and king to reinforce His instruction and commands; could be so callous as to reject both the Spiritual presence of God  and then the Personal presence of His Son.  

  The mystery continues today. This saga will end after much refining and unfortunate judgement and wrath has been poured out by God upon not only jews but also on gentiles.

My reading today was made very clear, it is not a parable Jesus told. It is a parable Jesus lived. Interestingly Jesus’ subjects were jews.

John Chapter 9 Jesus Heals a Man Who was Born Blind.

Jesus was in the company of his disciples when they encountered a man who had been blind since birth. Jesus disciples jumped to a conclusion, or so it seems, as they asked “Rabbi, (my master), whose sin caused his blindness, his sin or the sin of his parents.” Jesus informed the disciples neither the parents nor he who was blind, sinned to cause his blindness. 

The reason Jesus gave for the man’s blindness was for his salvation (or the work of God in his life.)  And the concomitant teaching of God’s salvation of mortals who are all born blind and in need of a Rabbi (or master, who in fact is their salvation).

Jesus said as long as it is DAY(as long as his earthly ministry, and Gods restraint lasts) we must do the work of Him (God) who SENT ME. NIGHT is coming (God’s judgement of sinful blind mortals) when no one can work. Jesus continued… “While I AM in the world, I AM the LIGHT (salvation or sight that over-powers the darkness/blindness) of the World.  

Having said this Jesus spit on the ground and made some mud. (Symbolic of earth or dirt from which man was formed, mixing with the Spirit of Christ which brings healing to sinful man.)

Jesus was Spirit and Immortal, Jesus was born mortal, Jesus died both physically and spiritually…”My God My God why hast Thou forsaken me?”  Jesus rose as the first mortal to overcome SIN and DEATH, Jesus is once again Immortal and has always been the Divine Son of God. Jesus…now placed His Divine mixture on the very area that needed healing; the blind mans eyes.

 Jesus then gave the healed man a command. “GO.” The command was accompanied by instruction. WASH (symbolic of baptism) in the Pool of Siloam, (Siloam means sent).

Once a person is healed of spiritual blindness he is commissioned or sent by the SAVIOR/ MASTER to heal others of their blindness or sinful life.  

The neighbors of the blind man saw he was no longer blind and was free of begging for a living. They asked is this the same man who was born blind. Some said he was and others that he only looked like him.

That pretty much sums up the way the Jews and the ruling religious and worldly powers, and the masses perceived Jesus the Messiah, then and now. 

It is a sad and soulful damning fact. Sinful individuals (our neighbors, family, co-workers, strangers…) notice a change in a person who has accepted Christ. 

They see and perceive a difference. Or they may be told that the change is to the saved persons soul, which was healed by the indwelling of the Spirit sent by Jesus to do the work of God while it is still DAY.    

The blind man insisted “I am the Man”   

When Christ through the Spirit cures our sin and puts a new spirit within us. We are bold enough to proclaim, “I was blind but now I see.”  

We become aware not only of the change in our life but we have an eagerness to see others healed of their blindness.

The blind and now sighted man is asked, where is the one who healed you?

 Though benefited and healed he is forced to say. “I don’t know where he is.”

Watch the spiritual growth of this physically and spiritually healed man.  

I will continue this living parable of christ in Bonus #2   



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