Preface to God’s Words Immortal – Study of the Word Immortal or Immortality

Christ is my Insurance Agent

Christ is my Insurance Agent

Preface to The Study of the Word “Immortal or Immortality”

Jesus the Gift of God to a world bent on destruction uttered these words in Matthew 24:35 “Heaven and earth WILL PASS AWAY but MY WORDS will NEVER PASS AWAY.”

Both the Father/God  and His Son/Jesus are Immortal and the very words they utter are also immortal as Jesus affirmed.

Immortality is a state or condition free from both death and decay. God’s intention was that man should share and will share immortality.  

God created man in his image. God’s intention from the beginning was to have eternal communion with the human(s) he created.

Sin cut in and Satan took over from man (Adam) the rule of the world. 

Humans were no longer immortal (in the image of God) but, cursed by God and now subject to both death and decay.     

Choice is a dangerous and perilous reality. We are all making our own judgements about our immortality every second of every day.

I assure you, there is no other choice that will have an eternal impact on your life more critical than the choice of whether you desire to spend eternity with or without God. 

I encourage you to choose to spend eternity with God.

Believe it or not you are an immortal creation!


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A real estate professional with experience in the areas of property management, residential appraisal, residential sales, right-of-way management, building management, leasing, acquisition, relocation, title search, negotiation, document preparation, eminent domain and more. My goal with this website is to bring the joy of God's word to everyone. These words give comfort to all that God is in control of everything and worry and stress are needless.
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  1. Richard says:

    Remember when you felt called into ministry as a youth–well what a wonderful way to minister!

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