God Is Spirit Passage #2


In our first scripture, Genesis 41:38-40, with reference to “God’s existence as spirit” we learned from Pharaoh that “God’s Spirit” was recognized by Pharaoh as residing WITHIN Joseph and that the “Spirit of God” was given credit by Pharaoh and Joseph for his ability to interpret dreams. Joseph was also blessed with wisdom and discernment above Pharaoh and all his wise men as a part of “God’s indwelling Spirit”.

Now we are going to learn from Numbers 24:2, that just as God had revealed to Moses in Genesis 9:16, that he created Pharaoh for the purpose of revealing His might and power to make Israel His “chosen nation”. He will now use a pagan diviner whose purpose and plan is to curse Israel.

“God’s Spirit” will cause this pagan diviner to repeatedly bless Israel instead. For the entire account I recommend the reading of Numbers 22-24

When Balaam looked out and saw Israel camped by tribe, The Spirit of God came upon him.

In the reading of this entire account you will learn something of God’s humorous side.

God causes a donkey to show more wisdom than this false prophet. God further proves His right to use all creation as He wills, by making a (pardon the pun) donkey of Balaam. Every attempt to curse Israel with His words, are turned to WORDS OF BLESSING FROM GOD.




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